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Hours Of Operation

Monday - Friday 6:30 am - 6:00 pm



During enrollment you will be asked to choose your child's 9 1/2 hour day.  There is a section on the enrollment form for you to designate your child's arrival and departure times.  It is very important for you to choose your times carefully, in order for us to properly staff at all times.  If you need to change your designated hours please let us know immediately, so that we can make the required adjustments.  If you are not working, but plan to bring your child to the day care, you must still honor your designated hours. If you choose not to bring your child in at the documented arrival time you must still pick your child up at the regular departure time.

If you choose to bring your child in on your day off, please attempt to keep your child's schedule and routine the same - preventing him/her from sleeping all morning and arriving to daycare at nap time.  If grandparents, family, or friends are bringing or picking up your child the designated hours still apply with the exception of picking-up your child early.

Please do not be apologetic about bringing your child to the daycare on your day off.  You have paid for the entire week and you are entitled to do so. The Children's Cove staff prefers that the children stay on their schedule if at all possible and encourage you to follow your regular routine.


Morning Good-Byes

Before Our 9 AM Class Time

When dropping your child off at the daycare, please say goodbye quickly in order for the teacher to have time to greet other arrivals.  Lengthy goodbyes often make the child unhappy and will always cause the teacher to lose control of her class.  This also causes traffic to back up in the parking lot.  Please be thoughtful and do not block the drive through.

After Our 9 AM Class Time

If you bring your child to the daycare after the morning class time has begun, please be courteous and do not disrupt the class.  Encourage your child to quietly enter the activity in progress. The teacher will greet your child and help him/her to settle in with the group . Please take your child's toys, coat, etc. and put them away and leave with as little commotion as possible.

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